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Buy original prints by CAT RAVN. All prints on this page are handmade prints. CAT RAVN has used various techniques, including monotype, collography, line etching. Each print is made by hand and is the result of a comprehensive process that culminates in a finished work that is numbered and signed by CAT RAVN.

Below you can see the selection of prints, just as you can see a video of the process and read more about the different techniques.


Graphics, etchings and prints. They have many names and can cover many different techniques. Common to all of them is that the process is structured and comprehensive.

‘My love for the graphics is especially related to the many techniques of the process that make the works unique and which to me can best be described as the alchemy of art.”


The printing process

In the video below you can see the actual printing process from clean, ready plate and to finished print. Before CAT RAVN is ready to print, she must, through the many processes and techniques that you can read about, emboss the plate in different ways.

The plate may be made of copper like here or for example thick cardboard. The embossments are the recesses where the ink “hides” when the plate is wiped clean. When the sheet and damp paper is going through the printing press, the paper is pressed into the embossments and the ink is transferred.

If you gently let your finger slide over the finished, dry print, you will clearly feel the impact of the various lines and embossments on the paper. The plate itself has also made a recess in the paper. This kind of print is called gravure. Linoleum prints and woodcuts are examples of relief printing and in these kinds of prints the ink is transferred to the surface of the paper.

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You can buy the original prints above or you can buy reproductions of some of the prints. You find your new poster here.