890 DKK


Original print from the series LIGHT OF THE FOREST
Handmade and printed with oil based ink on heavy copper print paper

Techniques: Photo polymer and monotype
Size: 12 x 17.5 cm
Edition: 1/1. Signed and numbered and put in passe-partout

“The contrast between the shady/dark blue tree and the beaming yellow moonlike shape lurking behind creates an intimate dialogue in which this hidden cosmic giant can be seen as playing the role of a person – a child, a lover or maybe a stranger – with something potentially life changing to tell. Something maybe too delicate for the revealing exposure of the daylight.”


Cosmic Secrecy

Dreaming about the magic of trees and forests?

The series LIGHT OF THE FOREST by CAT RAVN is all about the radiant trees and forest that surrounds us. The prints in this series are CAT RAVN’s original art prints that aim to exude that poetic and magical feeling of a forest and bring it into your living room and life