CAT RAVN allows your business to

exhibit her works on your company’s walls for a shorter or longer period of time,

you can work with her on the development of e.g corporate gifts,

And finally, you can of course invest in art – and deduct the amount in tax.


Corporate art
Invest in art and a good working environment

When you invest in art for your business, you also invest in a good working environment. In addition to the art beautifying the company, it also enables the employees to be involved in the selection of art and to support local artists.


Buy art directly from the artist and deduct the amount in tax

Did you know that in Denmark you can buy art for your company and write it off as other fixed assets by 25% a year? If the purchase price is DKK 13,500 (2018) or less, the company can deduct the full amount from tax the year the artwork is purchased.

In the year 2000, investing in original works of art was made even more attractive as it became possible to deduct the purchase of art from tax. This is applicable in Denmark. Ask your local tax authorities whether a similar tax deduction is possible in your country

The company can deduct the price of the artwork in tax when certain conditions are met.

    • The artwork must be original visual artwork, for example a painting, a sculpture, photographic art, installation art or the like. It can also be original graphic works, but they must then be produced in limited editions, be numbered and signed by the artist. The rule on depreciation does not apply to reproductions.
    • The artwork must be first time purchase and must be purchased directly from the artist or a gallery that has the artwork in commission.

    The right to write off a purchase of art is not possible if the company buys the artwork from an artist who is a family member or otherwise related to the company’s owner. Spouses, parents and grandparents as well as children and grandchildren and their spouses are considered close relatives, just like stepchildren and adoptive children.

Give the company more than financial profit

Since the rules came into force in the year 2000, the conditions have been relaxed in several stages, so that the deduction options in some cases also apply even if the art work is to be exhibited in a private home. So if you have a registered company, you can write off the purchase price even if the work is to hang on the wall of your home office.  

Is it towards the end of the year and does your business have profits? Consider whether it is not time to invest in some original works of art. In this way, the company can write off the costs, reduce the risk of an investment that may not keep its value – and at the same time you and your employees can enjoy a beautiful work of art.


Exhibitions of art works at the company

CAT RAVN gladly exhibit in companies in all parts of Denmark.

The artworks

The exhibition will always consist of works of several different sizes and in several price ranges, so there is something to choose from within your budget. The specific number of works will be agreed upon. Of course, we also include price lists.

The exhibition and practical details

CAT RAVN will be responsible for the exhibition of the pictures unless we agree otherwise. The exhibition period will always be a minimum of one month, and all the works will be exhibited for the entire period, regardless of whether they are sold.

The company is required to purchase at least one of the exhibited works and cover the transportation costs of the works to and from the exhibition site.

The company is responsible for insuring the exhibited works and is thus liable for works that are damaged due to negligence, fire, burglary, water damage or similar.

Contact CAT RAVN for more information

If you have questions or would like to arrange an exhibition, you are of course very welcome to contact CAT RAVN for a non-committal conversation at +45 93872160 or via


Collaboration between artist and company


Does your business want to communicate its message or product through art?

Companies have the opportunity to work with CAT RAVN on unique works.

She is inspired by the company’s products and values, and in this way, she creates works that suit your company, employees or customers.

Examples of works and products

The options for collaborating on unique works are many and can result in different products, for example:

  • Gifts for existing or potential customers
  • Corporate gifts for employees for Christmas or similar occasions
  • Gifts for shareholders
  • Art on the walls, for example in meeting rooms or the lobby of the company, which with an artistic interpretation of your products creates coherence at the company

The benefits of unique works made for your business

The unique works that are based on your values ​​and products have many possible benefits for your company. They can, among other things:

  • Turn your product into art that can be enjoyed by all parties involved, both customers, investors, and employees
  • Can be used for abstract advertising, which makes both potential or existing customers aware of your product and creates product recognition, even without text and logo – and which customers want to exhibit at home
  • Beautify the business in everyday life
  • Brand your business in a new way both internally and externally

The process from idea to unique work

Your company is the starting point when CAT RAVN develops a unique work for you. The process begins with a conversation about your products, values ​​, and vision with regards to this investment. Then CAT RAVN takes pictures of your products and other sources of inspiration and tells about her ideas and thoughts in relation to the final work.  

Of course, you have the opportunity to see a draft of the work once before you finally approve the result and receive the final product.

Practical information

Prices of unique works, of course, vary according to, among other things, size, number, and material. Based on your desired price range, we initially agree to the details of the collaboration, among other things:

  • Which products do you want for your business?
  • Do you prefer originals or reproductions?
  • Which techniques should be used?
  • Which sizes?

CAT RAVN has, of course, the opportunity to guide you in relation to any suspension in the company in relation to light, frames and the like.

Works from existing series

The company also has the opportunity to purchase works from the existing series. You can take a look in our shop here. Purchase of a large number of works, whether originals or reproductions, will by agreement allow for discounts.

Contact us

If you have questions or you or your company would like to collaborate, please contact CAT RAVN via